Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Southie. My very first time involved taking the red line to the Broadway T stop to go to a friend of a friend’s house one evening. I made another trip last year specifically to check out American Provisions. Food is almost always my main motivator for checking out a new or unfamiliar neighborhood. Most recently, I headed to Southie to check out Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe, a high end chocolate shop that I’d read about in several places, including Brian’s piece in Edible Boston.

The cafe is located on West Broadway, a main thoroughfare that has a quaint charm about it. The bright blue storefront and gold door stand out from the rows of houses and the occasional shop. The interior features blue walls to one side and exposed brick on the other. Towards the back past the display case are some benches with colorful pillows and coffee tables.

Blue Tierra offers artful chocolates made with high-quality ingredients, as well as a selection pastries including macarons and cookies, as well as several coffees and teas. The chocolates come in traditional flavors as well as some less common varieties flavored with herbs and spices. Many of the chocolates are finished with exquisite colors and decorations, like the signature Blue Tierra chocolate, which is painted to resemble a gorgeous blue marble.

I would have been tempted to get a turtle regardless, but the adorable turtle-shaped turtle was just too much to resist. It had a milk chocolate exterior filled with a toasted pecan and caramel. The caramel was incredibly buttery. It was velvety and smooth, but not loose enough that it dripped everywhere as soon as you bit into it.

The Giza Pyramid was a milk chocolate filled with flowing caramel. It had the same rich, smooth caramel as the turtle, but more of it. The presentation, with a dusting of gold leaf, was exquisite.

And for something a little different, the Green With Envy- pistachio gianduja layered with a vanilla bean ganache, enrobed in white chocolate, also available in dark chocolate. This didn’t quite impress me the way the turtle and pyramid did, but was still good. The filling was a tad dense and more compact, not velvety or smooth. The flavor was wonderful though, a perfect mix of nutty and sweet.

Southie is lucky to have this spot to call its own. The chocolates are top notch and it’s a cozy space to spend an afternoon on your own or with a friend and enjoy a sweet treat and a drink. If you’re not close to Southie but are willing to travel for chocolate, Blue Tierra is worth the trip. Even more, it’s T-accessible. Take the red line one stop beyond South Station to Broadway, and walk three blocks.

Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe
West Broadway
South Boston
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15 Responses to Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe

  1. Erica says:

    Talk about artful food! This is just gorgeous! I love the turtle

  2. Wow, these are works of art. I LOVE the blue tinged candies.

  3. Meghan says:

    There are lots of great places for food in this part of the city! I run by there all the time, I will have to stop in.

  4. I have a few friends that live in Southie and I love dining out there. I recently had a pretty solid meal at Amrhein’s.

  5. Daisy says:

    the turtle is so cute!! I’m with you as very rarely have i traveled to southie for food. I still need to check out American Provisions.

  6. I am actually going to Southie tomorrow – maybe I can pass by Blue Tierra! That blue chocolate looks gorgeous.

  7. AikoVenus says:

    It looks so fun and pretty!

  8. Sacha says:

    Food is definitely the thing that leads me to new neighborhoods as well! I’ve heard of Blue Tierra and am glad it’s worth checking out.

  9. Lena H. says:

    Blue Tierra is one of my favorite places to stop when I’m running errands around the neighborhood. The Irish Eyes and the Caliente are two of my favorite comfort pieces — at least once I get over how pretty they are and remember that they are meant to be eaten. Plus, the little boxes make a perfect hostess gift — I’ve received a few from my friends that visit and have never complained.

  10. Megan says:

    That turtle-shaped turtle is too cute! I can definitely see myself making the trek over there.

  11. Joanne says:

    I think I went to Southie exactly ONCE when I lived in Cambridge, and that was to stay over at my then-boyfriend’s brother’s place (my ex lived there for a while in-between moves). We definitely didn’t eat any chocolate. I definitely regret never going to this place now that I see how awesome it is!

  12. Christy says:

    What a unique find, and how artistic these are!:) I’m sure I would be too busy admiring the crafts than the food..LOL:P

  13. Molly Galler says:

    Elizabeth! You are always introducing me to new places! This chocolate turtle is too cute! Thanks for sharing this new treat!

  14. Shannon says:

    love a good chocolate caramel, so that pyramid is calling my name 🙂 next time i’m in southie i’ll have to check it out!

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