The Treats Truck Stop

Today I bring you a guest post from my best guest poster, my mom. You can check out her blog here. This past week marked the 5th birthday of one of our favorite spots, the Treats Truck. In honor of this milestone, my mom brings us a look at the newest addition to the Treats Truck family. 

Photos: Michael Ginsburg

The Treats Truck, a favorite movable place to find a sweet treat, now has its own bakery café, The Treats Truck Stop, in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

The café is as bright and cheerful as Kim Ima, the founder of the Treats Truck. The front room is sunny and welcoming with retro Formica tables and sparkly seats.

The counter is a fun place to sit. We ordered our favorite coconut macaroon with
chocolate chips accompanied by very good coffee. 

The bakery case has all the yummy treats in one place – and Kim will create custom orders as well as cater parties in the shop.

Rice Krispie Treats; Jam Thumprints


The back room has a glass wall where kids of all ages can watch the bakers at work and a door leads out to a backyard that will become an outdoor dining area. Something new that the Truck Stop offers is savory food: salads, sandwiches, grilled cheese and more. But with a bakery case like this, it’s easy to skip straight to dessert.

So plan a party, stock up on your favorite sweets, or just stop by to watch the treats being made.

The Treats Truck Stop
521 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY

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9 Responses to The Treats Truck Stop

  1. hotlyspiced says:

    That’s a great looking bakery, it’s just a very expensive flight over there to pick up a few treats!

  2. Meghan says:

    Looks like such a cute place!

  3. I love your mom’s posts! And I adore the idea of thumbprint rice krispie treats. Instead of jam, I’d top with chocolate 😉

  4. Megan says:

    Another place to add to my list when I someday get to NY!

  5. Joanne says:

    Cute fun guest post! And now I know exactly where I’ll be dragging the boyfriend to this weekend!

  6. Daisy says:

    cute guest post. I love the decor in their new space!

  7. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I love your mom’s posts…and that you dad did the photography. So cute!

  8. silver price says:

    As a former resident of NYC, and a former weekly visitor to Sugar (a.k.a. the Treats Truck) I’ve been waiting impatiently for this book to come out. While baking Kim’s treats myself will never be as fun as compulsively checking her location on Twitter and bouncing up to the truck’s counter, it’s the next best thing.First and foremost, the recipes are spot-on. I’m not an accomplished baker, so I appreciate the tips sprinkled throughout the book. She clearly states which ingredients she uses, like unsalted butter, dark brown sugar, whole milk and large eggs. This is helpful as I don’t know, for example, the difference between light brown sugar and dark brown sugar, and I find these distinctions are not always specified in other cookbooks. To date, I’ve made my three favorite treats: oatmeal jammies (with apricot jam), coconut macaroons, and cran-almond crispies. Prep was quick and uncomplicated, the recipe lists straightforward, and most importantly, all three turned out perfectly. I like the approach to baking as something that should be fun, simple and delicious. I also see a lot of mix-and-match options riffing off the basic recipes, which I think gives a lot of bang for your buck.Second, the design is just terrific. Echoing a previous reviewer, props to Harper Collins for publishing a cookbook that clearly breaks through a sea of sameness in an over-saturated cookbook market. It is Kim’s and the Treats Truck’s philosophy to the core; anything less colorful, less quirky or less fun would have been an injustice to the Treats Truck brand. It’s well laid out and the print is easy-to-read and follow. The illustrations are particularly charming; clearly the designer put a lot of love into this book and it shows.I had a lot of expectations for this cookbook and they’ve all been surpassed. I plan to give out copies of this book, accompanied by a batch of oatmeal jammies, as holiday hostess gifts.

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