This blog, contrary to what you might think, is not really about free food. In August 2009, I started the FreeFoodBoston Twitter feed to let people know about free food in Boston. I had wanted to start a food blog for several years. I love food and I wanted to be able to document and share the noteworthy things I ate. In May 2010, I finally started my blog, but lacking a specific title that really called to me, I decided to use my existing Twitter name. But that never really worked, so I’ve finally changed it to the far more appropriate name it currently holds.

Elizabeth Eats is a chronicle of my foodie finds. I have an oversized sweet tooth (see: CupcakeCamp), so I post a lot of desserts. Nice restaurants are fun, but I would just as often choose a good sandwich at a charming cafe and bakery. I love to share lesser known places that maybe you’ve never heard of. I used to attend and write about foodie events in Boston. I love traveling and reporting on all of my food finds wherever I go. I grew up in New York City, which instilled in me my foodie nature and as of 2012, I am back in NYC, attending business school and doing my fair share of eating. I don’t cook or bake nearly as often as I wish I did, but when I do and I think it is worth photographing, I’ll write about it.

I fell in love with farms and farming in high school. I fought for more locally grown foods in the dining halls in college. For a time, I wanted to be a farmer. I spent three of the best months of my life working on a farm in Italy. For now, I satisfy my agricultural cravings by visiting farms and farmers’ markets. One of the best parts about Boston is that you do not have to travel far outside the city to get to a farm.

And that’s my story. In short, I like eating food and talking about it. If I can share a place or a food with you that you didn’t know about before and that excites you, then I have done my job.

Love and cookies,

Text and Photography Copyright © Elizabeth G. 2010, unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

If you would like to use a picture or quote my content, email me, I will most likely be okay with it and just ask that you properly credit it.

6 Responses to About

  1. Michelle says:

    You need an about YOU section miss anonymous FreeFoodBoston writer

  2. Carole says:

    Great BLOG! Great pictures! I must be more vigilant next time I go to Union Square – I’ve missed the pasta!

  3. carol says:

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  4. lookatm3 says:


  5. Jody says:

    I love what your doing, keep up the good work.

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