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Banana Cupcakes with Biscoff Frosting

I have envisioned Biscoff (or Spekuloos spread) in so many possible creations. This particular pairing—banana and Biscoff—came from my roommate’s sister-in-law. I absolutely love the combination of banana and caramel or toffee (anyone know where to find good Banoffee in … Continue reading

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Blue Tierra Chocolate Cafe

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Southie. My very first time involved taking the red line to the Broadway T stop to go to a friend of a friend’s house one evening. I … Continue reading

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Spot Dessert Bar

Shortly before New Year’s, my mom and I took a trip to Spot Dessert Bar on St. Mark’s place in NYC. I went to Spot for the first time a year ago. At that time, Pichet Ong (who shares my alma mater) … Continue reading

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Sherman Cafe

I have previously waxed poetic about my love for Cambridge and Somerville’s wealth of cafes/sandwich shops. I prefer the selection here over that of Boston proper. Cambridge has Crema Cafe, Mariposa, Darwin’s, and Petsi Pies, among others. Somerville has The … Continue reading

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