Cocoa Metro

Happy National Chocolate Milk Day! Yes, today is indeed a day celebrating chocolate milk. And for the those of you for whom a generic, grocery store-brand chocolate milk does not hold much appeal, I present to you quite the enticing option. Cocoa Metro is a chocolate milk made in nearby Newton, MA. I was contacted a few weeks back by Mike, one of the founders of Cocoa Metro, and just my luck, I ended up trying the product just in time for Chocolate Milk Day.

Unlike the chocolate milk many of us are familiar with, Cocoa Metro starts with hormone-free milk from a small Vermont family farm, and adds to that premium Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate. The result is one of the best-tasting chocolate milks I have ever had. Instead of a dark-colored milk with some funky flavorings and a chalky texture, this is a thick, rich drink that tastes quite clearly of two things: fresh milk and pure chocolate. According to Mike, they add five times the amount of chocolate to their milk than any other brand of chocolate milk. The milk comes in a sleek and charming old-fashioned glass milk bottle that can be returned and reused. The bottle itself is retro, but the text design is modern.

Cocoa Metro is just lightly sweet, relying on the flavor from the milk and chocolate. It is rich, certainly a treat, but not so rich that you feel you can’t enjoy a full glass of it. I thought it was delicious. Two of my fellow reviewers, separately, compared it to Nesquik, one of them saying, “It’s like Nesquik, if Nesquik actually tasted good.” There is clearly no comparison in taste or quality between the two. But his comment does speak to the fact that there aren’t many high-quality chocolate milks out there, and when many of us think of chocolate milk, we think of a cheap mass-produced brand. For this reason along, I would encourage any chocolate fan to give Cocoa Metro a try. If you have never tasted a good-quality chocolate milk, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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2 Responses to Cocoa Metro

  1. Ryder says:

    mmmm bring some of that back to new york for me. but why does it look so much darker in the bottle than in the glass? (or are my eyes deceiving me?)

    • Elizabeth says:

      omgod, you would love it. It definitely looks lighter in the glass b/c I took those pics outside. Overall, in person, the color is closer to how it looks in the bottle picture.

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