Citi Field

Two weekends ago, I was very excited to head home for the 4th of July weekend for several reasons, not the least of which was a Mets-Yankees game at the new Citi Field. In case you’re wondering, I have very little baseball affiliation, though Dave is a Yankees fan. I am an equal opportunity fan. I enjoy simply watching the game and enjoying the setting.

I did have reason to be somewhat more excited that I was going to Citi Field specifically. Citi Field, which opened in 2009, does not have your average selection of food concessions. Instead of hotdogs and crackerjacks, it has outposts of popular New York restaurants like Shake Shack, Blue Smoke and others selling tacos, frites, Italian subs and more.

Dave and I, being the Shake Shack devotees that we are, were determined to get burgers and shakes despite the 20+ minute lines. For my dinner though (Shake Shack would be just a shake for me) I was intrigued by Cascarino’s brick oven pizza. I ordered the grandma slice, which is a thin crust, square slice with fresh mozzarella, chunky tomato sauce and basil. I wasn’t even aware when I ordered, but I ended up ordering the whole wheat crust. I asked for what I thought was just a darker crust but it turned out it was whole wheat. The crust was nutty and chewy with a much more complex flavor than standard white crusts. It reminded me of a lot of the crust at Pintaile’s Pizza, a place I used to go in high school.  The grandma slice provided the perfect sustenance while we waited on line at Shake Shack. The Citi Field outpost does not offer the full Shake Shack menu, so our options were limited. Dave got two ShackBurgers, which are topped with American cheese and ShackSauce.

They only offer one type of concrete at the Citi Field outpost, the Nut-Thing But Amazin’, vanilla frozen custard blended with fudge sauce, peanuts and shattered sugar cone. It would not be my first choice if there were other options, but I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected. Who knew shattered sugar cone made such a great mix-in/topping? Most of the fudge got blended in so the custard became more of a chocolate rather than vanilla with a fudge swirl.

In between our food runs, I did manage to watch at least some of the game. In case you’re curious, the Yankees won.

Shake Shack and Cascarino’s at Citi Field
Roosevelt Avenue
Flushing, NY

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) on Urbanspoon
Cascarino's Brick Oven Pizzeria & Ristorante on Urbanspoon

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9 Responses to Citi Field

  1. I am not a baseball fan, but I can definitely get behind those food choices!

  2. iamahoneybee says:

    sounds like a great time. I was a citifield last year but didn’t make it over to Shake Shack, seems like I missed out.

  3. Daisy says:

    What a fun day! I am so impressed by the food options there. I’d love to take in a ball game at Citi Field.

  4. I’ve heard so much about Shake Shack but the lines always seem so outrageous. So cool you could get their food and watch the game!

  5. Megan says:

    I love that you went to the game for the food!!

  6. Ryder says:

    pintaile’s shout-out! good memories. this pizza also looks really good.

  7. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I love that your baseball experience was such a food-filled one!

  8. Alicia says:

    LOVE shake shack!! I actually went for the first time in JANUARY. Rafe was furious that we ate outside in sub-freezing temps….so I still need to go back, because it was too cold for a shake!

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